Wisdom Teeth Removal FAQ

Do I have to have my wisdom teeth removed?

Removal of wisdom teeth is important for your general health, even if they aren’t bothering you. Wisdom teeth removal reduces the amount of bad bacteria present in your mouth and lessens the chance of dental crowding and loss of other teeth. Retained wisdom teeth can also form cysts or tumors if not removed.

Who should remove my wisdom teeth?

The best person to remove your wisdom teeth is a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. They have extensive experience in many different types of surgery and anesthesia and remain current on education and technology. Dr. Bowman is Board Certified in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery as well as Dental Anesthesia.

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When is the best time to remove my wisdom teeth?

It’s best if the wisdom teeth are at least ½ developed. A time when you have a few days to recuperate is also best. Dr. Bowman and his staff will work with you to find a time that is best for you.

What can I eat after my wisdom teeth are removed?

It is best to restrict yourself to a soft diet for 5-7 days. Things like scrambled eggs, ice cream, noodles such that don’t require chewing are best. Chewing solid foods too soon will increase pain and swelling.

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What does it mean if my wisdom tooth is impacted?

“When a tooth is unable to fully enter the mouth, it is said to be “impacted”. In general, impacted teeth are unable to break through the gums because there is not enough room. Nine out of ten people have at least one impacted wisdom tooth.” AAOMS 2013

Can I exercise or play sports after my wisdom teeth are removed?

It’s best to wait 5-7 days before resuming strenuous or sports activities after wisdom teeth removal. Returning too soon will increase pain and swelling and could delay your healing.

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