Facial Liposuction

What does Facial Liposuction Fix?

Even people who are not overweight may be plagued by a double chin, saggy jowls or a very round face. Fat deposits in these locations may be hereditary or due to the natural aging process. These areas are often resistant to exercise and weight loss. Facial liposuction can benefit those who want to remove unsightly fat deposits from localized areas of the face. Individuals who are in good physical condition with good skin elasticity are the best candidates for this surgery.

The Treatment Process

A small incision is made along the jawline, in the cheeks or below the chin, depending upon which fat deposits are to be removed. A tube attached to a suction device is inserted into the fat. The tube is moved back and forth to loosen excess fat from surrounding tissue and then “vacuums” the loose fat from the face with the suction device.

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