After Hair Transplant Surgery

What To Expect After The Surgery

  • After surgery, your surgeon may choose to apply a dressing for a day or two.
  • If stitches are used, they are usually removed within 10 days.
  • The second or third day after surgery, you will probably be allowed to shampoo.
  • Your head and scalp may feel tight with some aching, but this can be controlled by medication.

It is crucial that you follow the instructions for post-operative visits and care. Swelling or bruising in the area treated is likely. Cold compresses may be recommended by the surgeon.

Six Weeks After Your Hair Transplant

The newly transplanted hair often falls out in the six weeks following the procedure. This, however, is absolutely normal. New hair growth will take about six to 12 weeks to develop. To attain a look of natural hair growth, it is often necessary to fill in patchy areas, adjust the hairline, or remove excess tissue from areas that have been treated with flap surgery. These touch-up procedures are to be expected and are an essential part of the whole picture of hair replacement surgery.