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About Wisdom Tooth Extraction

You’ve been told your teenager needs to have their wisdom teeth removed. And you know this is a common procedure. You’ve heard about wisdom teeth, the extra molars that come in behind the first two sets of four molars and the other 20 teeth. But you’re wondering, do they really need to be removed?

With 28 teeth already in place, it’s often difficult for an additional four wisdom teeth to grow in properly. When teeth try to push through the gums but cannot, they remain impacted—fully or partially covered by gum or bone—which has the potential to cause a variety of complications. And 90% of people have an impacted tooth.

Why are they called wisdom teeth?

We develop the third molars during our late teens or early twenties. A person becomes wiser as they transition into adulthood, so that’s why we refer to the third molars as wisdom teeth.

WISdOM TEETh Extraction: The Why

Your mouth was designed to hold 28 teeth, and by the time your wisdom teeth start to grow, those 28 slots are already filled, making it hard for more teeth to grow in correctly.

Waiting to have your wisdom teeth removed could result in infection, painful or swollen gums, and damaged nerves and jawbone. Even if your wisdom teeth come in properly positioned, they could become infected and at risk for cysts and tumors.

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Timing is Key

If you’re wondering why you continue to hear about teens and young adults having their wisdom teeth pulled, it’s because there is an optimal (yet fleeting) opportunity when the tooth roots haven’t fully formed yet. Once the roots have developed, the risk of damaging nearby nerves, bones and teeth is significantly higher.

Extraction: The How

  • We administer local sedation or general anesthesia.
  • We make a small incision in the gum tissue.
  • We remove the bone that blocks access to the tooth root.
  • We remove the wisdom tooth.
  • We clean the site of the removed tooth.
  • We stitch closed the wound to promote healing.
  • We place gauze over the extraction site to control bleeding and help form a blood clot.

Possible Complications

If you’re wondering what the risks of wisdom teeth removal surgery might be, there are a few. As with any surgical procedure, complications, such as nerve injuries, fractures and injury to the joint, can occur, but they are very rare. And, if we perform the surgery at an early age, the risk is even lower.

The Cost of Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Every patient is unique, so the cost of your teen’s wisdom teeth extraction depends on a variety of factors, ranging from positioning, level of impaction, number of teeth, etc. Our staff discusses all costs upfront and helps navigate insurance policies and any benefits they provide.

The Cost of Waiting

The longer you wait, the more likely you’ll have problems down the road. And the more complicated the issue, the more expensive the procedure. Simply put, waiting may cost you more in the long run. Wisdom teeth that are left alone tend to lead to difficulties, such as infection, pain, damage to neighboring teeth, and in rare circumstances, cysts and tumors.

If you have been putting off wisdom teeth surgery, give us a call today at Facial Surgery Center Phone Number 580-242-2800. We will give your child a calm, safe, and comfortable experience.

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